17. The benefits of Apples for children and Families

Any parent anywhere would certainly want the best for her children. So too for the food, you of course want to provide the best nutrition with food so that your child can grow healthy and perfect. The fruit can be a healthy alternative and loaded benefits in lieu of the usual snacks eaten your child. And Apple is one of them, the specialty apples for children cannot be underestimated.
• Apple to control calories

The problem of obesity may not be too many experienced by children in the United States ' percentage, although the amount is not in arguably a bit also, especially in urban areas. Obesity in children can lead to bone deformities, arthritis problems, sleep disorders, gallstones, asthma, high blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as fertility problems later when mature. Not to mention the risk of diabetes who likely will be experienced also.

Therefore, avoid obesity in your child by giving them food with balanced nutrition and a healthy snack. One medium-size apples with Peel only contains approximately 91 calories, compared to a candy that contain 180 to 270 calories.Choose foods that are nutrient dense but low in calories as an Apple would be much better than letting your children consume foods that are high in calories but very low in nutrients. In addition, it will also take control of your child's weight has always been on the ideal weight. More information can be found at the Apple fruit Diet.

• Vitamins and minerals in apples

Apples are rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, and c. apples also contain some minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and iodine. All of these nutrients is essential for the development of children, as it will support the growth of bones, muscles, organs, skin, and blood. In addition, Apple also high content of antioxidants and phytonutrients which serves to ward off harmful chemicals, cancer, disease macular degeneration in the eye, and even alleviate the symptoms of asthma. These antioxidants will boost the immune system to ward off bacteria and viruses.
1. Assist the digestive intestine

work never work off of the intestine as the food processor and take his nutritional. Consumption of Apple on a regular basis can prevent constipation and indigestion that occurs in the intestine.

2. Reduce the risk of respiratory disorders 

a study recently showed that children who consumed Apple Juice regularly can suppress the risk of respiratory diseases. In addition pregnant women who regularly consume apple juice also effectively suppressing interference on breathing in their subjects.

3. Healthy oral cavity and teeth

get used to paying attention to dental hygiene in children early is important things that should be done by each parent. Not just limited to teach how to clean the teeth, but also memperhatkan food consumed by children. Processed food high sugar levels and supple will boost your child's risk of experiencing dental cavities, dental caries, and gum disease. Give one apples as a lunchbox to school can prevent your child purchase the hawker high sugar content. In addition, anti-virus properties in apples may help fight oral bacteria, cleans teeth, and strengthens the gums.
It turns out that Apple also has a function for the health of the mouth and teeth, consumes a direct apples to chew it will stimulate the production of saliva to cleanse the oral cavity. In addition tannin substances contained in apples, clearing plaque which is damaging the teeth and gums.

4. to provide protection on the bone

content of flavonoids (phloridzin) is an Apple benefits reduce the problem of osteoporosis in postmenopausal monopouse. The content of Boron in apples also work strengthens bones in the body so that it is not easy, porous soil. It's also very good for the prevention of the onset of symptoms of rheumatic diseases.
5. Controlling blood sugar 

Galacturonic acid supplied apples to degrade the performance of the body in releasing the hormone insulin. Thus, the good apples be consumed for people who have a genetic history of developing diabetes so they don't grow and become more serious.

6. Prevent and treat cancer 

Benefits there are apples on triterpenoids compounds on the skin of apples, which are identified on a Cornell University research, is able to inhibit cancer cells that give rise to symptoms of breast cancer, the lever and symptoms of colon cancer.

In addition, Apple has a number of substances that can help reduce the risk of cancer, including the anti-mutagenic activity, antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory mechanism, effecttumor cells and apoptosis-inducing process published in Journal of Genista Medica.

7. Brain health

Apple has proven it can be used to protect the neurons cells that can prevent malicious oxidative stress induced neurotoksisitas and plays an important role in reducing the risk of neurodegenerative disorders, such as disease Alzheimer's.

8. Prevent Parkinson's

research shows that people who eat fruits and other high fiber foods get benefits in protection against Parkinson's disease. The disease is characterized by disorders producing dopamine to the brain's nerve cells. Scientists have associated it with the power of antioxidants that act against different types of free radicals.

9. Lower Cholesterol

if you are obese or have have high LDL should switch on apples. Soluble fiber is found in apples may bind fat in the intestine, which is translated in its function to lower the cholesterol levels.

10. Good for digestion 

as well as other fruits and vegetables, apples are a good source of fiber. Availability of fiber is very vital to the digestive system. In addition to the disposal of organs healthy, fiber can also avoid your child from the problem of constipation. Further, fiber also helps in lowering levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase levels of HDL (good cholesterol). Content of bad cholesterol is too high in the body will cause hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, as well as heart attacks and strokes.
Get used to consume foods that are high in fiber since early in children will be very beneficial to his health until later adulthood.
11. Nourish the heart 

of An extensive research has connected the intake of soluble fiber with cholesterol plaque buildup in the arteries. Phenolic compound found in the skin of apples also prevents cholesterol that go into the system and strengthen the walls of the arteries. When the plaque formed in the arteries then it will reduce the flow of blood to the heart, leading to coronary heart disease. This plaque can be cleaned with the help of soluble fiber found in apples.

12. Prevent gallstones 

gallstones form when there is too much cholesterol in the bile so it tends to harden. Short-term effects is very will allow your obesity. To prevent gallstones, doctors recommend a diet high in fiber to help you control the cholesterol levels in the body. Apple as one of super fruits that have high fiber content is very good for health.

13. Overcoming diarrhea and Constipation

If you can't go to the bathroom (difficult chapter) or can not stop (diarrhea)? The fiber found in apples may help resolve both these problems although each opposite. Good fiber can draw water out of the intestine to keep components in it to move throughout the day to support the sembeit. This fiber can also absorb excess water from impurities which can help you in the process of diarrhea.
14. the liver detoxification

Detoxification is one function for removing toxins from the liver. Every day in an age of increasingly advanced we will never apart from consumption of materials containing ' poison ' is it of drinks or food. Liver function is responsible for cleaning up these toxins from the body. The content of antioxidants can help detoxify the liver of various substances or toxins in the body.

15. Prevent cataracts

to benefit Apple on this one, although previous research has not been too convincing about the merits of Apple for cataracts. But long-term studies have recently shown that people who have a diet containing antioxidant fruits such as apples 10 to 15 percent less likely to get cataracts.

16. Improve the human immune system (immune)

Red Apples contain antioxidant called quercetin. Recent research has found that quercetin can help improve and strengthen the immune system, especially when the mind is being stressed.
17. Preventing hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid is a swollen veins in the occurrence area anal though no impact on mortality, diseases related to blood vessels can be very painful. Hemorrhoids are generally caused by too much stress on the pelvic and rectal area. Fiber may reduce the extreme too ' mengejan ' when going to the bathroom and thus help relieve hemorrhoids.

Apple health benefits for the body and diet is one of the most popular among other fruits. Because of the popularity of the Apple vinegar also made materials, the product best-selling sweet because the benefits of Apple vinegar is also a very powerful tool for hypertension and other critical illnesses.

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