8 benefits of Honey for health and beauty

For diabetics it is not recommended to consume too much honey because honey contains a lot of sugar in it, and it might be better to consult a doctor before consuming the honey. 

The sweet taste of honey is produced from fructose monosaccharides and glucose, with the low activity of water in honey, microorganisms cannot develop well in honey, so honey can be more durable and not easily damaged. 

Some of the benefits of honey for health and beauty: 

1. Prevent cancer and heart attack
In honey there are flavonoids which are one type of antioxidant compounds that help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. 

2. Prevent Digestive Disorders
A recent study has shown that the benefits of honey can help reduce digestive disorders and have difficulty defecating because honey contains fiber. 

3. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
All honey has antibacterial properties, because bees add enzymes that make hydrogen peroxide. This compound is capable of being anti-bacterial and fungal. 

4. Athletic Performance of
Olympic Athletes in ancient times consumed honey to improve their performance. In the modern era like this honey is developed into a durability enhancing supplement. 

5. Reducing Cough
The next benefit of honey is to relieve coughing. There is one type of honey that is effective in relieving cough, namely buckwheat honey. 

6. Cure Wounds
Since ancient times sugar was known as a wound remover. After doing research, it was proven that honey was able to treat wounds and also contained anti-bacteria. 

7. Probiotics
Probiotics are good bacteria that the body needs. There are several varieties of honey that have a large number of bacteria like this. 

8. Beautify the Skin

Anti-bacteria found in honey is very useful for the skin, by being mixed with other ingredients, the benefits of honey can moisturize and remove dead skin cells.

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