Apricot Fruit For Health Benefits

The fruit that comes from the Land of Central Asia (can not be ascertained: China, Korea or Japan) is fruit with the tremendous benefits a lot. Fruit with the latin name "Plum Armenia" contain a lot of nutrient content, including: Sugar, fiber, carbohydrates, fats, proteins. Beta carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron.

Usually most societies make use of this for the apricots made juice, Jelly, jam or as a mixture with other foodstuffs. The fruit is sweet and fresh with yellow color when in direct consumption of this as similar to apples. As for the nutrient content in each fruit about 40 grams of it are:

·         Sugar = 3 grams

·         Fiber = 1 gram

·         Carbohydrates = 4 grams

·         Vitamin A = 914.20 IU

·         Vitamin K = 1.2 mcg

·         Calories = 17 calories

·         FAT = 1 gram

·         Beta carotene = 544.95 mcg

·         Folate 3 mcg =

·         Potassium = 104 mg

·         Magnesium = 3 mg

·         Phosphorus = 7 mg

·         Lycopene (with high levels of)

With the large number of nutrient content, many people don't hesitate to make use of them as a natural nutritional supplements to meet the needs of a balanced nutrition.

Another benefit of apricots, are:

·         Expedited CHAPTER (Defecation)

·         Maintaining healthy skin

·         Overcoming A Fever

·         Treating Anemia

·         Keep an eye on health

Things that are not good for apricot fruit is utilized on the seeds, because they contain the chemical content of elements or compounds that are not good when eaten. Therefore, make the meat only on fruit only. Hopefully, this information could be useful for all of us.

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