Benefits Of Soursop Fruit For Health

Soursop (annonamuricata) _ Fruit soursop is a plant originating from the region of Central America and South America and then spread widely to various regions in particular English. In English its own fruit is imported by the Netherlands who colonize areas that are in English. Soursop fruit is one of a very popular fruit soursop fruit in English because it is easy to get in. In addition every each region in English, this fruit has different designations, such as in the area of Java this soursop fruit known as (jackfruit landa), in the area of Sunda (jackfruit walanda), in the area of Madura (jackfruit buris), Bali ( Sugar-Apple Java), in the region of Aceh (bohlona), in the area of Nias (durio ulondro), in the area of Palembang (nangko belando), in the region of Lampung (guava landa), and in the area of Minangkabau (durian betawi).

Soursop fruit tree can grow to the height of about 8-9 m, in addition to planted in plantations soursop fruit trees can also be planted around the yard House, soursop fruit tree but can grow well if planted in a quite watery. Each of the soursop fruit tree will produce fruit with different sizes, soursop fruit large, can reach 30 cm weighing about 2.5 kg. Soursop fruit traits, namely fruit-shaped oval, green-coloured rind and flesh of the fruit is white, while the soursop fruit has a sweet taste and a bit to the acid and has a moisture content of that very much. Soursop fruit can be consumed when cooked other than can be consumed directly soursop fruit can also serve as the soursop fruit juice and beverage ingredients can be processed into syrup and products such as drinks more.

In addition beneficial for consumption, soursop fruit is also very useful in maintaining the body's health in addition leaves the fruit soursop is also believed to be able to heal diseases like cancer. Soursop fruit also contain antioxidants that can ward off viruses and bacteria that can invade the body and nutrient content in the soursop fruit was able to increase the intake of a nutrient that is needed by the body.



The content of phosphorus and calcium in fruit soursop is able to keep the bones in order to remain healthy, it is because of these two minerals are instrumental in helping the establishment and growth of the bone so that the bones would be much healthier and robust as well as reduce the risk of affected by osteoporosis or porous bones.


The content of vitamin C in fruit soursop can help boost the immune system of the body becomes stronger and impervious to viruses and bacteria, in addition the presence of antioxidant substances contained in fruit soursop is able to ward off the attack of free radicals that can cause premature aging.


Soursop fruit so well in preventing cancer due to active compounds contained in fruit soursop, the acetogenins annonaceous i.e. compounds that function in prevent and inhibit the growth of cancer cells such as cancer of the breast, lung cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, and prostate cancer.


The high fiber and water content on fruit soursop can help the intestines in the digest food and expel immediately the leftovers that cannot be digested so intestinal organs may work more effectively and stay healthy as well as can be spared from distractions sambelit disease, difficult CHAPTER and other diseases related to the intestines.


The high content of carbohydrates on soursop fruit can increase energy sources on the body by consuming soursop fruit body will stay fresh is not easy get tired of doing everyday activities.


Soursop fruit has a low sodium content while potassium in fruit soursop fruit soursop high enough so that it can lower blood pressure to keep it stable.

That's some of the benefits of soursop fruit for a healthy body. Hopefully the articles above can help you maintain the health of your body. For a time I thank you for visiting this blog.

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