Cesar Sayoc: Florida primary suspects sent "package bomb " to critics Trump

The suspects face five charges, including sending explosives or threaten the former President.

The authorities regard the Sayoc was responsible for sending at least 14 package to the President's leading critic Donald Trump this week, as President Barack Obama, former First Lady Hillary Clinton, tycoons George Soros or the actors Robert De Niro.

Authorities were able to intercept suspicious shipments of it before they reach the recipient of them.

Friday morning, one found in Florida and the other in New York City. Later, two more were found in California, target the billionaire Tom Steyer, donors of the Democratic Party, and Democratic Senator Kamala Harris.

All of them, less than two weeks before legislative elections that will take place on 6 November in the United Serikatdan in the middle of a huge polarization in society.

What is known about Sayoc

The arrest took place in a store Sayoc car parts in the city of Plantation, North of Miami, Friday.

The authorities explained that he was the prime suspect and could face a sentence of up to 58 years in prison.

The Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, explains that the man was arrested after they found fingerprinted in one package.

U.S. Security agents reported that Sayoc lived in Aventura, a city in South Florida near Miami.

Public records show that he has a long criminal record.

At 29, he was arrested for robbery and in 2002 he was arrested for threatening to bomb the Miami-Dade County. Later he was sentenced to one year probation.

According to court documents, Sayoc bankruptcies filed in 2012, when he lived with his mother.

Television pictures in the United States shows how police moved a van, who is suspected of belonging to a suspect, to the headquarters of the FBI as part of the investigation.

The Windows of the vehicles covered by the priests who support President Trump (seen above tank) or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with a target on his face.

What Trump?

Speaking at an event at the White House, the U.S. President Donald Trump praised police for the quick arrest of a suspect, describing the difficulty of the search as the find's "needle in the haystack ".

 "This despicable terror Action and does not occur in our country's," he said.

 "We will prosecute them ... with the full weight of the law, we would never allow political violence is rooted in our country."

On Friday morning, the President has suggested on Twitter that what happened, which he described as  "issue bomb " it, slowing the momentum of the party Republikdalam the election early.

For its part, the former Director of the Office of national intelligence James Clapper, one of the recipients of a package found Friday told CNN that  "this is domestic terrorism ".

 "I have no doubt, " said.

Clapper feel that anyone who is critical of President Trump must take precautions.

The case was

Warning about possible  "package bomb " began last Monday, when a suspicious device found in a letter the billionaire billionaire George Soros, one of the major donors of the Democratic Party.

The latest findings came on Friday, when a package is sent to Democratic Senator Cory Booker found in Florida and similar packages sent to former us Intelligence Chief James Clapper found in New York.

None of the artifacts or reaches the intended goal burst and is still investigating whether the explosives discovered were found in one of their works.

Source of:https://www.bbc.com/mundo/noticias-internacional-45997300

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