Ciplukan Fruit For Health Benefits

The benefits that we can extract from the plant, which is due to the ciplukan who can treat a variety of diseases such as diabetes, Flu, Strep Throat, whooping cough or pertussis, Gondongan, Draining boils, old wounds, epilepsy, impaired the lymph nodes, and many more benefits that we can take from this ciplukan.

And we discuss a little about the benefits and efficacy of the medicinal plant:

1. Treat Flu

We can use for treatment of flu, if we want to make his potion is by means of:

Cut the leaves into pieces until ciplukan then

Boiled with water to a boil

Drink of water decoction of ciplukan last, use to reduce your flu symptoms

2. Treat Strep Throat

In addition to treating flu, can also ciplukan to treat a sore throat. That is by way of boiling the leaves ciplukan to the boil, then drink it gradually until the sore throat pain that you suffered is reduced and can be recovered.

3. Treating Gondongan

Gondongan is a condition where pain occurs swelling of the neck under the section that is experiencing swelling and feels pain in that section. For treatment we can do with drinking the decoction of leaves of ciplukan.

4. Treating wounds that never heal (Ulcers)

Other benefits of ciplukan is able to treat injuries resulting from a fall, hit by sharp objects, were hit by something and so on. When the wound is not treated quickly then it may cause mild infection resulting in injuries that we experience hard to recover even the more inflamed with swelling in the area. For treatment of the wound, use leaf ciplukan for some pieces and then mashed until smooth, clean the wound with warm water and pat dry. Then apply the leaf ciplukan the last already mashed. Let it dry out and do this treatment until the wound is completely healed.

5. Relieve Disease lymph nodes

When experiencing swelling of the lymph nodes, it is recommended to drink water decoction of leaves of ciplukan on a regular basis. But drinking the decoction of ciplukan this must be balanced with the diligent drank plain water.

To get the most from the benefits of water decoction of ciplukan must be served and follow the advice and consult it with the doctor to get the proper dosage and balanced.

6. Able to fight cancer cells

Good things we can take out of water decoction of ciplukan was able to resist the growth of cancer cells. That is by drinking the decoction of leaves of ciplukan with the routine. For prevention can we drink a maximum of a week 3-4 times by keeping a diet also can trigger the onset of cancer.

That's some of the benefits of the fruit ciplukan for body health. Hopefully the articles above can help you maintain the health of your body. For a time I say thank you for visiting this blog.

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