Easy Ways to Overcome Obesity

Having a slim body, ideal with a stable body weight is one of the ideal people, especially for women. Of course, having an ideal body will be healthy and appearance will be more attractive. Many women want to have a slim and ideal body and are free from the problem of obesity or obesity.

Indeed, it is no secret that there are instant ways to overcome obesity such as liposuction, surgery to consume slimming drugs and weight loss. But these methods are not a few that actually have a bad effect on the body. In this article, we will share there is an easy way to overcome obesity .

1. Know abdominal obesity

Excessive fat found around the abdominal area is called abdominal obesity. Abdominal obesity can occur between each individual, regardless of age and sex. Children and adolescents can be victims of abdominal obesity, if their parents have abdominal obesity. An endocrinologist, diabetologist, antiaging specialist and Mumbai-based Bariatrician named Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi stated that "There is a strong link between abdominal obesity and various cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, you should be extra careful about abdominal obesity. The best way to avoid stomach obesity is to prevent it."

2. Causes of abdominal obesity

The actual cause is still unknown, but there is a combination of genes and environment. Another reason is that it can be a decrease in insulin sensitivity, smoking, consuming estrogenic food, genes of late night eating habits, stress, tension and digestive problems.

3. Prevent abdominal obesity

In order to avoid stomach obesity, Dr. Deepak suggested "In addition to exercise, a good diet is a must if you want to avoid stomach obesity. Abdominal obesity means high insulin levels or stress hormones. If you have stomach obesity, something is wrong in your system and you need to fix it by taking the right step to avoid health problems. "

The best, the way to ward off abdominal obesity from your life is to take steps or an easy way to overcome obesity, namely:

1. Water is the best natural resource available to dispose of waste. Drinking enough every day is highly recommended.

2. Get used to eating at the right time and avoid delaying eating time.

3. Carbonated water consumption must be limited. Drinking lemon juice is highly recommended.

4. Avoid sweet foods, if necessary, say not to sweet foods.

5.Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

6. Exercise regularly and try about 45 minutes every day.

7. Sleep time is no more than 8 hours a day.

8. Check your cholesterol level regularly.

9.Control your weight to stay normal.

So tips or easy ways to overcome obesity . If you routinely and diligently run it, you don't need to choose extreme ways to deal with obesity.

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