Eggplant Fruit Netherlands Benefits For Health

Netherlands-Eggplant Although Eggplant named Dutch. It turns out that this fruit doesn't come from that country. This fruit comes from Latin America, precisely around the Andes mountains, Peru. Then why could be called Dutch Eggplant? As it turns out, the origin of naming it because the fruit is brought to the English during the Dutch rule. And began to be developed in the year 1941 in West Java.

The fruit of Solanum betaceum latin named including the family of Eggplant-terongan or Nightshade in General in the indonesian has not too much known in our society, but the fruit has a very good potential for expanded benefits and the result. Dutch Eggplant fruit rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, carotenoids, and anthocyanin compound fiber. Here we will discuss a little about Dutch Eggplant that is increasingly getting popular day will benefit and be pleased.

Nutrient content contained on Dutch Eggplant contains pro-vitamin A is useful for eye health, vitamin C to enhance the durability of the body, treating heartburn and thrush. Other benefits contained in his IE contain anthocyanin which belong to the flavonoid antioxidants, is one of the fruits that contain high fiber helps to prevent cancer and constipation.

The following benefits can we can, among other things:

1. increase the durability (the immune system) on the body

2. Refresh the body

3. Prevent the emergence of cancer cells

4. Repair of damaged DNA

5. As an antioxidant

6. Cure canker sores

7. Healthy eyes

8. Ease the heat in

9. Launch digestion

10. Treat disease ulcer

11. To prevent anemia

As for the way of processing can be packed directly, made an extract drink, fruit juice can be made ripe, ripe for seasoning for vegetables or, depending on your taste buds each.

That's some of the benefits for the health of the Dutch Eggplant fruit body. Hopefully the articles above can help you maintain the health of your body. For a time I say thank you for visiting this blog.

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