Here's How To Skin Care According To Age

Whether it's oily or dry, full of stains or clean, the skin will eventually change with age. But there are certain treatments that should be considered. Therefore, consider age-appropriate skin care tips as reported by She Knows below.

Age 20 years: Acne
No need to limit food to be consumed because of fear of growing pimples on the face. Because acne conditions in their 20s are usually triggered by hormones. To overcome this, you should diligently wash your face with certain soap according to the advice of a dermatologist.

Age 30 years: Dull skin 
Although age 30 is arguably not too old, the skin usually starts to dull and shows mild wrinkles. So choose a special cream with retinol ingredients (active vitamin A) and vitamin C to minimize the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Don't forget to use sunscreen when you leave your house and the sun is shining hot.

Age 40 years: Black stains 
If you are a smoker and lazy to maintain health and beauty of the skin, black stains will appear before the age of 40 years. To overcome this problem, you should be diligent in doing exfoliating or scrub (peeling) with beauty products that trigger collagen production. So that the skin will be more moist and black stains can be reduced.

50 years old: Wrinkles 
After menopause, wrinkles are more clearly visible on the face. The remedy can be done with the derma filler procedure, rejuvenation by adding volume to the skin so that it has a smoother, more supple and youthful appearance. Make sure you find an experienced beauty surgeon if you want to perform the procedure.
That's age-appropriate skin care tips. Although everyone will eventually get older, but there is no harm in maintaining the health and beauty of the skin so it can look younger right?

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