How To Cope With Stress Weight

Coping with stress is indeed very necessary in order not to happen it the unwanted stuff like high blood, stroke, and heart disease. Sometimes people don't want to admit to stress-what causes the stress due to assume it is someone's personal problems.

Stress will make the body produce excess adrenaline hormone which this hormone serves to defend itself. Mild stress can be a reason for someone to think faster and trying too hard so that it will be able to get through the challenges of daily life. Mild stress can induce a sense of more passionate in the life of a routine is boring.

But when stress has been heavy or sustained, will have an impact is very bad for the health.
Causes include: 1. a relatively long physical Load
2. Dissatisfaction towards the achievement of the results of the effort/feel superior
3. Concerns towards something/less confident
4. Failure in efforts

When the heavy stress have plagued, need some change in attitude in tackling this. Here are some ways of overcoming stress.

How To Cope With Stress

1. Relax or relaxed for a moment

Relax the muscles used to be nervous right when trying to cope with stress, do to relax can be done by way of listening to music, a warm bath, eat chocolate, yoga. Do these things, but there are still many other ways ways in addressing this matter according to the wishes of taste.

2. Exercise

Exercising regularly can overcome stress also increase the sense of comfort on the body. How to cope with stress with exercise is also very good in the diet program and could increase our immune.

3. Firm and Had the principle of

Sometimes stress can result from our attitude that less be assertive and bold to say's "no's" at the request of others. Whether it's because of the shame, pity, and others. Ultimately we stuck it and feel helpless, even feel diperalat of others without being able to do resistance. Therefore, if we are not able to meet the demand of a person, don't be afraid to say you "don't's", no doubt for reasons of language and polite so that people don't feel offended.

4. the Vent on a Trusted Person

Here's one way to cope with stress. Tell them the problem on someone else to reduce the burden of our thoughts. If someone can give the right solution, it could be stress we will disappear.

5. Way way

Way way with friends and family is a way of overcoming drug could even be stress. Because our mind will be distracted from the makers of stress towards pleasure. This will also help find inspiration with a solution or a way out.

6. see funny videos

Viewed funny video is a very powerful drugs to relieve stress. This video can be searched in various places such as the DVD store, the internet also can.

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