How to get rid of mouth odor

Bad breath can make people feel insecure orreduce self-confidence.Whereas in fact, most of the bad breath occurs due to our own mistakes, especially in terms of behavior and lack of hygiene. But don't worry, there are some tips or ways to get rid of bad breath that you can apply.

1. Brushing your teeth and cleaning other parts of the mouth .

We recommend you to be diligent to maintain oral hygiene by diligently brushing your teeth at least twice a day.And it is preferable to brush your teeth after eating.

Brushing your teeth in some cases can get rid of bad breath. Brush your teeth properly and properly, remove food scraps that slip between your teeth.Remember that the tongue and the lower part of the tongue are the biggest contributor to the problem of bad breath, clean your tongue including the bottom of the tongue. Also clean your palate, because it turns out that your palate is one of the places where bacteria cause bad breath to nest. To optimize mouth cleaning, you can use additional ingredients such as mouthwash.

2. Drink plenty of water.

Water is believed to be able to dissolve negative substances in the body, including eliminating substances that cause bad breath.

3. Reduce stinging foods like durian. Even if you like the fruits, but not consuming excessive amounts to interfere with the comfort of the people around your environment to be effective as a way to overcome your bad breath

4. Patch your teeth with holes.

Perforated teeth are the cause of acute bad breath, because in the cavities of the teeth, the rest of the nesting food will certainly be surrounded by germs that spread bad breath.

5. Poor digestion process will result in bad breath.

Eat enough, don't get too full. Smooth bowel movements by consuming fibrous foods such as vegetables and various fruits so that digestion becomes smooth.

6. Reduce consumption of fatty foods and meat.

Fatty foods will make your stomach tend to actively excrete acids that will cause a gas odor which, if it comes out through the mouth, causes a terrible dragon odor.

7. Cigarettes and coffee can cause bad breath.
 Reduce consuming these two items, if necessary stop.

8. You can take the respiratory tract gurah.
Dirty respiratory tract can cause bad breath.

So how to get rid of bad breath that you can try. Hopefully useful especially for those of you who have bad breath problems.

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