How to Prevent Risk Factors for Coronary Heart Disease

You can prevent and control many risk factors for coronary heart disease (CHD) by changing healthy lifestyles and medications.Examples of risk factors that you can control include high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, being overweight and obesity. Only a number of risk factors - such as age, sex and family history - cannot be controlled.

To reduce the risk of CHD and heart attack, try controlling any risk factors that you can. The good news is that many lifestyle changes help control several CHD risk factors at the same time. For example, physical activity can lower your blood pressure, help control diabetes and prediabetes, reduce stress, and help control your weight.

- Changes in the Heart Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy heart lifestyle can prevent CHD risk factors.If you already have CHD, a healthy heart lifestyle can prevent the disease from getting worse. Changes to a healthy heart lifestyle include:

• Healty Heart Food

• Healthy weight

• Manage stress

• Physical activity

• Quit smoking

Many lifestyle habits have begun since childhood.Thus, parents and families must encourage their children to make healthy heart choices, such as following a healthy diet and being physically active.Make it follow a healthy lifestyle as a choice of family goals. Making lifestyle changes can be difficult. But if you make this change in a family, it will be easier for everyone to prevent or control their risk factors for CHD. For tips on how to help your children adopt healthy habits.

- Drugs

Sometimes lifestyle changes are not enough to control your blood cholesterol levels. For example, you might need a statin drug to control or reduce your cholesterol. By lowering your cholesterol level, you can reduce the chances of having a heart attack or stroke. Doctors usually prescribe statins for people who have:

• Coronary heart disease, peripheral artery disease, or having a previous stroke

• Diabetes

• High LDL cholesterol levels

Doctors can discuss initial statin treatment with those who have a high risk of heart disease or have a stroke.Your doctor may also prescribe another medication for:

• Reduce your chances of having a heart attack.

• Lower your blood pressure.

• Prevent blood clots, which can cause a heart attack or stroke.

• Prevent or delay the need for procedures or surgery, such as percutaneous coronary intervention or cutting of coronary artery bypass.

• Reduce the workload of your heart and eliminate CHD.

In order to prevent the risk factors for coronary heart disease can have a significant impact, consumption of drugs regularly, as prescribed by your doctor. Don't change the amount of your medication or skip a dose unless your doctor tells you. You still have to follow a healthy lifestyle pattern, even if you are taking medicines to treat your CHD.

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