How to Take Care of Good and Right Hair

Hair is one of the many parts that must be considered because it is indeed the most visible part of the other parts or often referred to as the crown for us. Therefore we must be diligent in caring for hair. But unfortunately some people have ignored in terms of caring for their hair. People often do small habits unconsciously to damage the natural beauty of their hair. Activities such as combing in wet conditions, wrong use of shampoo, wrong use of towels, wrong use of a hair dryer and others. The following is a further explanation.

1. Combing Hair in Wet 

This is not recommended because it will cause loss if combed in wet conditions. If indeed you have to comb, use a wide-toothed comb to reduce the risk of loss.

2. Using a High

Temperature Hair Dryer Using a hair dryer that is too high temperature then pulls using a round comb when doing blow. Don't do it because this will make it easy to be brittle, dry and then damaged. Start stopping it because this is not the way to care for good and right hair. If you want to blow, you should bow your head first, then dry it using a blow dryer with just a low temperature.

3. Wrong in Shampoo Selection

Shampoo is one of the supporting factors when treating hair. But do not make the wrong choice of shampoo products. Do not be easily tempted by imported products, because not necessarily imported products are made for users of tropical climates like our country, Indonesia. The pH content of shampoo usually also has a big effect, if it is excessive it will make the hair shaft thin, dry and break easily then eventually fall out so that if not handled quickly the biggest risk will cause baldness.

4. Exposure to UV rays

It's useless if you have treated your hair with a variety of products to treat hair if it's not offset by the use of materials that can reduce the adverse effects of exposure to UV light outside the room. Caring for hair is similar to treating skin. So look for protection products from UV exposure.

5. Wrong When Wiping Hair With a Towel

People usually after having finished bathing and then rubbing a towel into their hair that has been crusted before, this is not good. The correct way is to simply press gently press or rub it slowly but not rubbing it so that it does not fall out.

Those are some things that can damage a person's natural beauty. Then how to take care of hair actually do not need to spend more money to go to the salon. There are several ways to keep it healthy. What is that like? Consider the following description.

How to Take Care of Good and Right Hair

1. Consumption of Nutritious

Foods Our daily consumption of food also has a major influence on the health of our hair. Fresh vegetables and fresh fruits can be used as a food menu to care for hair. In order to prevent loss of protein, protein foods can be used, even better to use vegetable protein foods to form hair cells and their roots. Many sources say that iron deficiency can also cause hair loss. Therefore, consume high iron foods to avoid loss.

2. Shampoo as needed only

Shampoo only if it is scheduled to do shampooing, you should shampoo every 2 days if needed. This needs to be done so that dust, pollution, and dirt on the scalp will be lifted and make the scalp and hair become cleaner, healthier, fresh and beautiful.

3. Use Vitamin

After shampooing do not forget to use or rub vitamins, because the ingredients in shampoo seems not enough to meet the needs needed to treat hair. Taking care of tonic-shaped vitamins is more recommended because in addition to being able to treat, tonic also facilitates capillary circulation in our scalp.

4. Rinse with cold water

Indeed, rinsing using warm water will create a sense of comfort for some people, but warm water will reduce hair moisture. We recommend that you choose cold water as a material to care for your hair.

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