Secrets of Ageless women Japan

Tokyo, a city atmosphere is not only unsightly, but also its sister. Many women Japan that remain appear attractive though they seem to be approaching the head of the three.

Then, when the story rolling, talking of their tiny mouths, among others, about his difficult raising teenagers and affair career that already lived for 20 years. I was intrigued to counting, meaning their numbers are approaching age 40 's. Wow, any curiosity arises. Briefly comes to mind, lest there be a special potion so they seem ageless. However, looking at almost all Japan women are ageless, it looks like there is another secret that needs to be traced.

Surely we don't have to live in Japan or Japan so as not to become a person quickly the wrinkles. We just need to be "stealing " the science of diet, lifestyle, or their skin care tips. And as it turns out, here's the secret.

• Give your skin a balanced meal

In his book, Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat Naomi Moriyama, describing his country as a place where women aged 40 to look like aged 20s.  "they are free to enjoy the delicious food and the rate of obesity sufferers in Japan just three percent only, "he said.

Naomi lays out the key diet ala they are: a small plate of fish oil, soy, rice, vegetables, and fruits.  "Food made of rice are also believed to give contribution to skin health. In fact, until there is a special word in the language of Japan which described the skin soft and supple, i.e. mocha-hada or leather like mochi, a kind of rice flour cake texture of chewy, smooth, and soft,  "she continued.

Jessica Wu, MD, a dermatologist in Los Angeles Taiwan origin who was raised by the parents of the original Chinese, had similar eating patterns and traditions of the people of Japan. He believes if soybeans including type of food best Antiaging.

 "When small, I drink soy milk fresh-made mother every day, and we eat tofu more often than meat and other dairy products. I'm sure the soy can cure acne and minimize skin dryness,  "says Jessica.

People also argue Japan, green tea helps slow the aging process. They're consuming antioxidant-rich drink it all the time, would have been much better than coffee, bottled fruit juices, or diet coke.

Take a look at their lifestyle is so healthy. The number of women who smoke in Tokyo only about 10 percent. They are also quite obedient limit consumption of foods containing sugar high. He tells the story,  "While living in Los Angeles, I love Orange slice as dessert, not chocolate cake. As it turns out, between cousins, just not my breakouts when teenagers. "

Based on the latest research, excessive sugar consumption can trigger acne and infections damage the layer of collagen.

• Use sunscreen every day

If you ever find tourists milling about Japan, you'll see women Japan always use an umbrella when the weather is scorching.

 "They are indeed very rabid keep skin from sunburn to avoid flecks of black spots on the face, " says Susan Taylor, m.d., a dermatologist from Philadelphia. As a descendant of African-Americans, Susan accidentally gives special attention to patients of color.

In principle the black flecks can be experienced by all skin colors, except those who are careful about keeping the skin. As it turns out, the womenfolk in Japan have done it much earlier, i.e. Since the age of 20s.

When compared to Caucasian women, their skin is indeed contains more melanin pigmentation will be so easily seen. However, if juxtaposed with the descendants of Malays or Latin, their less melanin.

Melanin also serves as a natural protector from sunlight. Japan Women's skin is more flammable than those who are dark-skinned.  "To prevent the appearance of blemishes in face, mothers there start applying sunscreen to their babies at birth, " says Yuko Hosnino, a skin specialist from Shiseido Tokyo.

As a result, Japan women not only avoid black spots when mature, but the wrinkles on the face of any less. Wrinkles that appear in their 40 's and the 50-70s is actually more due to bad impact caused by exposure to ultraviolet light that's been going on since decades ago.

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