The benefits of Exercise for the health of the body in General

At the moment people are too busy with her job and forget or are too tired to exercise, when the sport was very important for the health of our body. When healthy it is indeed not felt but if already stricken with a disease that we realize the importance of exercise. Some of the benefits of sport which are waging a blood circulation, reduces the risk of hypertension and obesity, as well as burning fat and calories, and recent research indicates that by exercising at least 10 minutes every day, it can be make healthier mentally, the mind clear, reduced stress and cause a feeling of happy. Daniel Landers, a Professor of sports education Arizona State University reveals the five benefits of sports for our brains.

a. Enhancing capabilities

Sports or physical exercise routine can increase concentration, creativity, and mental health. Because sport can increase the amount of oxygen in the blood and quicken the blood flow towards the brain. Experts believe that these things can encourage physical and mental reactions.

b. Help delay the aging process

Research proves that simple exercise such as walking regularly can help reduce mental decline in women above 65 years. The more frequent and long they do so, then the mental decline more slowly. Reportedly, many people feel the benefits of the activity after nine weeks doing it regularly three times a week. These exercises should not be performed in a high intensity. Simply be walk around the House.

c. reducing stress

Exercise can reduce anxiety even further could help control anger. Aerobic exercise can improve the ability of the heart and makes You more quickly cope with stress. Activities such as walking, swimming, cycling, and running is a great way to reduce stress.

d. raising the durability of the body

If love to work out, even in the short time intensive yet, or long but done with ease, this activity could improve the good hormones in the brain like serotonin, adrenaline, dopamine, and endorphins. These hormones play a role in increasing the durability of the body. Studies conducted in the United Kingdom showed that 83% of people who have mental disorders rely on exercise to improve mood and decrease anxiety. Landers said, for people who suffer from mild and moderate depression, exercise at least 16 weeks can cause side effects similar to swallows anti-depressants.
While the researchers at Duke University found that 60 percent of depression mild and medium, with the sport for four months with a frequency three times a week and each exercise for 30 seconds can overcome these symptoms without drugs. Even though it belongs to the efficacious measures, but that does not mean the immediate treatment could be stopped, let alone for those who experience severe depression.

e. Improve confidence

In general the more proficient person in an activity, then confidence will rise even a research proves that teens are active exercise feel more confident compared to his peers who do not perform activities similar, Lazy exercise by reason of lack of time in the long run the impact is bad enough, i.e. the emergence of disease caused by hipokinesia (less motion). Among other things, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, heart, hiperkolesterolemia, arthritis, and obesity.
Albert m. Hutapea's in his book "towards a healthier lifestyle " reveal, research for 16 years against 17,000 alumnus of Harvard University points out, those who do not actively exercise (burning no more than 500 calories per week in sports activities) are more likely to have heart disease.
Therefore, the sport becomes a necessity if you want to live a healthy life. Sports must be made part of the lifestyle. In the broad sense, is the actual sport is an activity that is done so that the heart is quite a burden. Furthermore after doing business activity throughout the day, of course, make the body that tiredness. Sport and recreation is the right choice to refresh again.

So was the discussion about the benefits of Exercise for the health of the body, let us budayakan work out in order to keep our bodies healthy and fit, and with this work out buddy is going to benefit him, thank you

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