This is the exact Way 6 maintain the cleanliness of Miss V

Maintain the cleanliness of Miss V is very important for women. However, unfortunately, still quite a lot that is not yet aware of how do I maintain the cleanliness of Miss V correctly. If not addressed appropriately, Miss V could be negatively affected.

Some of the problems that might arise for not cleaning up Miss V correctly is vaginal discharge, irritation, and odor. In addition, Miss V unhealthy can also make women lose confidence, and even stress.

Miss V is a pretty complicated organ than it seems. The sex organs directly related to the cervix and uterus, so treatment should be done appropriately. So, come to know first how the right hygiene Miss V here as well:

• How to correctly clean up Miss V after completion of urination or defecation is wash them with clean water from the front to the back. It is to prevent the bacteria from the anus entry into the women's pubic tool. It would be better if you Miss V washing with warm water. After that, Pat dry using paper towels or a towel
• If drying Miss V with Kleenex, look for paper towels made from soft and without fragrances or perfumes. We recommend that you avoid using a tissue, because it can make the area around Miss V into irritation
• Not recommended using soaps that contain fragrances to clean Miss V because it may cause irritation
• Select and use pads that do not contain fragrances while menstruating and replace pads every four hours
• Note also the used underwear. We recommend that you select the clothes in cotton which can absorb sweat and felt comfortable. Avoid wearing tight panties so as not to disturb the air circulation in the area of Miss V
• Clean underwear also helped preserve the health of Miss V. Wash your clothes in a new purchase before wearing it. And use the SOAP contains no detergents to wash clothes in. Change panties at least two times a day, to prevent an area Miss V becomes moist and bacteria-infected

May Use A Special Cleaner Soap Femininity?

In fact, Miss V was able to cleanse itself through vaginal fluid he produce. Miss V also contains many bacteria thus serves to protect the area of the female sex organs. The number of bacteria of the same quality or lactobasili this must be kept in order to stay balanced, so that the atmosphere of acid (pH) in the tool remains on Figurec 4.5

In addition, bacteria-bacteria also produce antibiotics that serve to keep out the bad bacteria that come attack the area Miss v. Special cleanser Soap femininity clean area Miss V, including the good bacteria-bacteria, so causes pH balance is disturbed. As additional information, special cleansers SOAP femininity haven't proved able to protect Miss V from infection. Instead, these products could possibly increase the risk of infection.

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