Tsunami, Indonesian Call in Donald Trump's "the bad Situation "

Washington DC, World-Round1 - President of the United States, Donald Trump delivered a condolence speech to Indonesian following the occurrence of the earthquake and tsunami in Palu and Donggala, Central Sulawesi. The speech that he would convey when conducting a press conference at the Rose Garden, the White House, on Monday morning local time (1/10).

 "Before receiving the question [of journalists], I wanted to send you a greeting warmest condolences to Indonesian. My friend, my friend, we will contact the leader — he was a tremendous leader — but they were swept by the giant tsunamis,  "said Trump as broadcast by ABC.

Trump any mention that the tsunami was the worst natural disaster ever.  "Thankfully many people in this part of the world who have never experienced it myself, " he said referring to its own citizens.

 "At its worst — you guys witnessed tornadoes, typhoons — you guys are looking at a wide range of natural disasters. My friend who is studying the question of disaster — I had no idea why he did it — he said the tsunami was the worst, and they (Indonesian) was particularly horrible. Perhaps thousands of people were killed, "he added.

Trump any informs that it is already  "sends emergency response team, the military, and more to help you". Then, according to him, Indonesian is in the midst of you "bad situations " because of the tsunami.

The Government of Indonesian has already announced himself opened the door for foreign assistance who wish to enter. Menkopolhukan Wiranto said there are 18 countries claiming to be ready to help, among others, United States, Australia, Singapore and Japan. So far, according to BNPB, there were 844 people are declared dead and the search continues.

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