5 benefits of Salted Egg for health

Benefits of salted eggs turned out to be rarely known by a broad audience. The general public who consume only salty egg knowing that salted egg is an egg that marinated giving rise to typical taste salty. The salted egg consumer just looking for enjoyment of the salted egg without knowing the benefits behind the pleasures of the typical saltiness of it.

The egg is the most salty duck egg was good. This is because duck egg had a texture more chewy and more delicious compared to chicken eggs. The texture of the duck egg is also believed to be able to absorb salt better than chicken eggs. At first, salty egg is an egg that is modified in such a way so that it can survive more durable than ordinary eggs. With the durability and enjoyment, salted eggs later became famous and became its own specialties. However, consumers only know the results and enjoyment only. But there are still many benefits in addition to the typical flavors of salted eggs salt and results. Here are some benefits of salted eggs.

• Rich in nutrition

salted egg is known as a delicious egg and have the typical taste salty. But this salty egg also has a very complete nutrient for the human body. This is salted eggs excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals that are quite high. The protein in the eggs of salt is also believed to contain all the amino acids it needs to live a healthy life. According to Prof. Made, a doctor at a Tokyo University, the content of calcium in salted egg will be multiplied tens of times, because in the process of making salted eggs using ash and lime. Ash and lime is a source of calcium, when salt gets into the egg, calcium content of any incoming also is slowly penetrating the egg whites and egg yolks.

• Rich in vitamins

Salted duck egg contains a lot of vitamin A and B 12. Vitamin A function keeping the cells in the body so that the body remains healthy and maintaining healthy vision. Vitamin B 12 is beneficial in maintaining healthy nerves and improve the function of red blood cells. B complex vitamins, vitamin D, and vitamin E is also contained in the salted eggs in small quantities.

• Great for the growth of children

As described above, salted egg has the content of calcium and high protein, and contains numerous vitamins that keep the body stay healthy. Calcium and high protein will help children in times of bone growth and health. Highly recommended for parents to present the salted eggs as one of the various menu of foods that when consumed by children in order to help healthy growth.

• Assisting the development of intelligence of the brain

salted egg indeed benefits cannot be denied its existence as described above. But there's more, salted eggs contain omega 3 fatty acids are believed to be good for the brain intelligence. In addition to assisting in the growth of children, salted eggs can also help the development of intelligence of a child's brain in order to thrive, healthy and smart.

• Energy sources

The fat content found in eggs in General composed of triglycerides (neutral FAT), cholesterol and fosfolipida. From 1 gram of fat will produce 9 kilo calories of energy. Triglycerides and fosfolipida fat content that serves as the body's source of energy.

Now that is some salted eggs which benefit the consumers may not know it. Very nice indeed salted eggs consumed considering nutrient content, vitamin and vast gardens.

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