6 the Civet Coffee Benefits for health

The benefit is undeniable Civet coffee has become a discussion by many connoisseurs of coffee in various parts of the world. In addition to the pleasure and the smell of coffee beans that are very tempting, the curiosity of fans of this coffee also raises questions about the benefits of coffee. Civet coffee is coffee from coffee beans that have been eaten by the civet. Coffee fruit that has been eaten by the Civet would be digested in their stomach. However, the seed of the coffee can't be undigested in their stomachs, so the coffee beans was issued back in conjunction with their discharges. Coffee beans are mixed by the Civet droppings are then cleaned and processed as regular coffee. Well that's why coffee is called Civet coffee.

Don't get me wrong! Civet coffee that comes from these Civet droppings disposal even has many benefits in it. Here are some benefits of Civet coffee.

• Prevent Parkinson's disease

Coffee containing caffeine tends to prevent humans from Parkinson's disease. This is due to the caffeinated coffee contains antioxidants that high functioning on the prevention of destruction of nerve cells in.

• Prevent Alzheimer's disease

The caffeine contained in Civet coffee also functions as an inhibitor of inflammation of the brain. Inflammation of the brain can lead to various diseases of the brain. One of these is Alzheimer's.

• Protect the skin

Caffeine content in coffee luwak is able to protect the skin and prevent it from cancer. Caffeine functions as the killer cells of the pre-cancer that is present on the skin. Caffeine also serves stop a growing tumor. By consuming 2-5 cups of coffee per day, the risk of the occurrence of skin cancer would be reduced by 17 percent.

• Contains high antioxidants

Civet coffee contains antioxidants. By consuming food or drink containing high antioxidants will develop resistance to the body against infections and diseases. Did you know that by drinking one glass of coffee is almost equivalent to consume four citrus fruits?

• Lowering the risk of breast cancer

benefits of Civet coffee on this one aimed at the womenfolk. As described previously, the antioxidants contained in coffee will stop the growth of tumors and kill cells pre-cancer. Highly recommended for women with ages nearing menopause to consume four cups of coffee a day to decrease the risk of breast cancer.

• Protect the teeth

Caffeine found in Civet coffee is believed to have the capability of anti-bacterial and anti-sticking that serves to prevent gnawing holes causing bacteria coating the teeth. Antioxidants contained in it can also prevent the occurrence of cancer of the mouth. By consuming a cup of coffee per day is believed to have very potent in lowering the risk of developing cancer of the skin.

• Pesticide-free

Luwak coffee comes from the regular coffee fruit eaten by the Civet eventually stoned issued back in conjunction with the Civet droppings because undigested. This is something that makes the Civet coffee has more value compared to other coffee. Usually coffee farmers will use pesticides to keep the energy of the coffee plant them awake, so that their coffee plants are healthy and are not easily damaged. Unfortunately the pesticides are chemicals that harm human health, while the coffee is planted audience the farmer sprayed pesticides. Well, in this case of Civet coffee has been free of pesticides resulting from the fermentation process in the body of the Mongoose that serves to neutralize the pesticides.

Thus some of the benefits to the health of Civet coffee. In addition to the typical smell and enjoyment, this classy coffee turns out to have many health benefits to humans.

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