8 Ear Mushrooms for Health Benefits

Ear mushrooms for health benefits has been believed to be nutritious since traditional Chinese medicine found. Ear fungus being one of Chinese herbal medicine that stuck out because of potency. Therefore many people consume this ear mushrooms with medicinal purposes and health.

ear fungus is a type of fungus that is similar to the ears, because that was called by the ear fungus. This fungus including mildew in the types of non-toxic, or can be eaten. This fungus normally lives in the countryside with a tropical climate. Ear fungus can grow well in the trunk of the living and the dead. It was said ear fungus has been one of the mainstay drugs from a variety of traditional Chinese medicine in curing various diseases and health. Nutrient content in either ear mushrooms provide a health benefit in running a healthy life. Here are some of the benefits of ear mushrooms for your health.

• Rich in nutrients

Ear fungus is one of those plants that contain a lot of nutrients. This mushroom contains a lot of protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin D.

• Good source of calcium

Ear fungus contains calcium is high. It was said, the calcium contained in ear mushrooms turned out to be two-fold more than the calcium found in milk. Because of the calcium contained in ear fungus is very high, then the mushroom is very good for the growth of the child. Calcium is also very good for maintaining healthy strong bones, supports the function of nerve and muscle, and help blood clotting.

• Very good for lungs

Ear mushrooms contain a substance that can relieve dryness of the lung and increases circulation in the body. Ear fungus benefits the other is able to nourish the heart and stomach.

• Prevent anemia

Iron in the ear fungus is the highest compared to other vegetables. Ear yeast consume on a regular basis will enrich blood and prevent anemia.

• Lowering cholesterol

With drinking water that is boiled over low heat for one hour with ear fungus, can lower the bad cholesterol.

• Launched the blood circulation

As described earlier. Ear fungus is Chinese herbal medicine which is known to be very efficacious. One of the benefits of ear fungus that made his name is sticking is waging a blood circulation. Ear fungus is believed to be able to dilute the blood and increase its release. Sufferers of Gore is highly recommended to drink blood in order for ear fungus potion ambience can be diluted and circulate in the body normally.

• Poisons Safely

Ear fungus, by consuming toxic substances that are present in the body will be eradicated. This is because the ear mushrooms contain Pectin which can absorb the dust in the lungs and digestive system, which then will be issued simultaneously.

• Lowers blood pressure

Consume water ear mushroom stew as it does with how to lower cholesterol can also lower blood pressure.

Thus some ear mushrooms benefits for health. There are also benefits that are not of the fungus itself, but the mucus inside the ear fungus is also very nutritious. How to get ear fungus slime this is just by way of heating it. Slime ear fungus is believed by people can neutralize the poison of Chinese from various plants. This mucus also can prevent and overcome cancer and high blood. Thus the benefits of ear mushrooms for health. Thank you

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