Benefits Of Peanuts To Body Health

Benefits of peanuts to health has been found by some experts who found that peanuts have important contents are beneficial for the body. Peanut or nut, also known as the skin has a latin name Arachis hypogaea L is a kind of legumes plants of the family Fabaceae. In some areas in Indonesian alone pretty much cultivate peanuts much less economic value than the peanut itself was quite profitable. Peanuts also have different designations in the respective areas among other beans, nuts jebrol kole, beans, nuts and una tuban other designations. Peanut is very favored by people in Indonesian range from young children to adults.

Peanut for health benefits is not separated from the content owned by peanuts. The results of the study found the peanuts have a high protein content besides peanuts also contain fat, iron, vitamin E, Vitamin B complex and Phosphorus, Vitamin A and K, calcium, lecithin and kolin. Even the protein contained in peanut is much higher compared to the protein found in meat and eggs. Peanuts are also often used in baking because peanuts have a sweet taste. Our community is also fond of peanuts boiled even quite a number of street vendors selling boiled peanuts.

As described previously the content owned by peanuts is quite important to health so consume peanuts could also provide a positive impact for health as well as our bodies. But consuming peanuts is also associated with the onset of acne problems. This myth is widespread enough that many people especially youths are reluctant to consume peanuts for fear of their faces exposed acne.

The myth of consume peanuts can cause acne is actually not true because the results of research from the American Academy of Dermatology has found quite surprising fact that acne is not caused by consuming peanuts, chocolate and ice cream. So the myth is not true so you don't need to fear any longer to consume peanuts.

A number of research reveals that the health benefits of peanuts to quite a lot. For those of you who have also had children try to reproduce consuming peanuts because peanuts help improve fertility. Peanuts also contain folic acid which is very needed by women who are pregnant. By fulfilling the intake of 400 micrograms of folic acid before and during early pregnancy, it will reduce the risk of babies born with neural tube defects which seriously until of 70%.

Several studies have also found that consuming peanuts can decrease the risk of heart disease and cancer. Peanuts can also lower cholesterol levels and control so as to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in the body. Vitamin B3 is contained in the peanuts very well to improve brain memory so that by consuming peanuts will increase the brain's memory.

Other benefits of consuming peanuts is also pretty much like preventing Alzheimer's disease, lowering blood sugar and pressure to prevent gallstones. By consuming peanut butter in a week then it can lower the risk of developing gallstones by 25%. Peanuts can also cope with depression due to the womb tripofan it contains.

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