Benefits of Rice Water for beauty and health

Benefits of rice water for beauty and health seems currently less-known by the public at large. Because it's often the big water not utilized anymore and just dumped it when rice water has several important benefits. But do you know if those ancient water rice facial skin care for many women in Japan who use rice water for skin beauty and keeping their faces. The women of Japan which is very famous for its subtlety and his skin turns to use water to wash your face and rice to take a shower. So by using rice water then you can have a smooth skin and face like Japan women.

For those of you who want to look beautiful naturally no harm using rice water for skin care and your face as did the women of Japan. Before you have to make the water of the rice in advance. The required materials, namely 1/4 kg of rice, water, strainer and container. First of all insert the rice into a container and then wash with water until clean and filter the water into another container. The process is repeated for three times so that the rice water really clean. After the rice water is considered fairly clean then put in bottle 600 ml and 1 liter size bottle.

The water of the rice to be included in the 600 ml size bottle you can make as a useful natural toner keep the humidity of the skin while bathing you can use rice water put into bottles of 1 liter size. Showered with rice water can make your skin becomes brighter and smoother. You can also take advantage of the water of the rice for the mask. First let the water wash the rice for a few moments until the rice starch appears and then separate the water and the rice starch is used as a mask. You can also use rice water as a body scrub. Benefits of rice water for beauty is well known by the Javanese people in the past who used rice powder mixed spices for wraps.

The rice is very good reason to treat skin and face due to rice contain oryzanol which has benefit for renew the development of formation of melanin pigment. The substance also oryzanol is very effective in neutralizing ultraviolet rays. In addition to using white rice, you can also can use rice or brown rice black. The third type of rice you are using corresponds to your skin type. For normal to oily skin usually use white rice while it is normal for skin that tends to dry the better use of brown rice. For all skin types can use the black rice.

Other rice water benefits in addition to the beauty that is for health. The water of the rice can be used as a remedy for diarrhea for babies and toddlers. To treat diarrhea in infants and toddlers then rice water cooked in advance. Rice water has this upbringing is also often referred to as water tajin. Drinking water tajin on infants and toddlers are exposed to diarrhea on a regular basis to diarenya stop. Compared to oral rehydration therapy, water tajin is much better because it contains glucose polymer which is easy to be absorbed. For those of you who want to gain weight can consume starch water every day with regular. You can drink it twice a day.

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