Benefits of Salmon and How Processing Appropriately

Benefits of salmon good for man famous mainly for infants and children. The benefits already realized by many people especially in developed countries such as Japan and various countries in Europe. Unfortunately in Indonesia itself, the awareness of consuming fish is still very low. Indonesian society in General still chooses to consume chicken or beef instead of consuming fish. Whereas the benefits of fish especially salmon very much for you or your child who is still a baby.

What are the actual benefits of salmon? For those of you who do not know the benefits of salmon for health are as follows:

1. Contains Omega 3
Omega 3s are unsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial for the formation of brain tissue is especially for babies and children. Salmon fish contain the most omega 3 high compared to other fish.

2. High Amino acid
The amino acid is the nutrients needed to maintain joint health and flexibility. Salmon have it in high enough levels. So if you experience a problem joints, salmon is the right choice.

3. has a High Protein content
Salmon contains a very good high protein to build muscle. High protein also provides high energy reserve that is perfect for you with daily activities and mobility is high.

4. Prevent Clogging of the arteries
Blockage of the arteries can cause a heart attack that resulted in death. Blockage of arteries occurs because blood channels covered by fat. Nutrient content of salmon was able to eradicate such evil fats so capable of preventing you from blockage of arteries.

5. Maintain eye health
Omega 3 and amino acids in salmon are able to work together so that it can still maintain eye health. So it is advisable for you to regularly consume salmon if it is to keep your eyes healthy and stay sharp.

The various benefits you can make the dish to consume your family everyday. Then how to cultivate the right salmon? You can cultivate salmon to presented to families in the following way:

1. Fry
Frying salmon can be done on top of the steel with the addition of butter so that salmon not stick that will complicate the process of rendering time. Make sure the fried salmon evenly with skin that is dry and crisp but flesh remains soft.

2. Boil the
Poach salmon with herbs or spices can give different flavors on the salmon. Boil with mild temperatures, don't be too high because it will ruin the broth.

3. the Bloat
Charcoal and wood is the main capital in bloat salmon. Place the charcoal and wood under the grill, keep the charcoal still burning but not to pull out of the fire. Put the salmon on it, you can use banana leaves as a base in order to be salmon do not come into contact directly with an iron Grill.

4. Bake
Give your seasonings and rub the salmon with herbs that you create. Wrap with banana leaves. Enter the salmon that has been wrapped into the oven and Bake until done.

Various ways to cultivate salmon last you can practise at home so your family doesn't get tired of consuming salmon. Given the benefits of salmon very much and very good for health and growth especially for children and babies, these ways are worth you trying to arouse your taste in consuming salmon.

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