Caesalpinia Sappan Wood For Health Benefits

Caesalpinia sappan wood for health benefits already since long known by the public because it is often the Foundation of caesalpinia sappan wood as a herbal remedy for overcoming various ailments. Javanese people themselves made of wood as material in making sappanwood herbal beverage called wedang with sappanwood. Wedang sappanwood is said to have a variety of benefits one of which is to increase the body's energy. Caesalpinia sappan wood grater is currently also a lot sold in packaging along with a mix of other spices and used as mixed drinks for health and energy Enhancer.

The Latin language in secang Caesalpinia Sappan L have different calls in every region in Indonesian. Caesalpinia sappan wood Mingkabau in the area called lacang while in Aceh called seupeung. Javanese and Sundanese knew him by the name of sappanwood and still quite a lot of other names caesalpinia sappan wood from various regions. Caesalpinia sappan wood also known even abroad like in Japan called sappanwood wood with suou while in the United Kingdom called sappanwood.

Sappanwood itself comes from Southeast Asia and in Indonesian itself sappanwood wood is very easy to find. This plant grows wild in the open up to an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level. No wonder the sappanwood is easily found in the Rocky Mountains region's chilly is not too cold. Caesalpinia sappan plant is sometimes deliberately planted to border the garden or as a plant fence. The following are the characteristics of plants sappanwood:

• Trunk Wood Green creature sappanwood brownish and round shaped.

• High plant sappanwood reach 5 to 10 m and has thorny stems and branches bent in the shape and paste it lies scattered.

• Leaf plant sappanwood has a length of 25 to 40 cm, a double compound compound leaves and leaves the number of children reached 10 to 20 pairs and is facing each other.

• Children plant leaf-shaped oval green creature sappanwood, handled, no end of round, flat and almost parallel edges and has a length of 10-25 mm and 3-11 mm wide reach.

Caesalpinia sappan wood benefits for treating various diseases is an important content of which is owned by timber sappanwood. The important content in the wood-caesalpinia sappan, among others:

-Acid errors









-Essential oils. On the leaves contain sappanwood 0,16-0.20% essential oil.

Some of the benefits of wood the most known sappanwood IE can be used to stop the bleeding, the antidote to the poison, blood purifier and as an antiseptic. This is because wood contains such sappanwood anti-bacterial substances are compounds that are anti anti clotting or coagulation. The content also makes wood-caesalpinia sappan can also be used as a remedy for overcoming diarrhea, cough and also be able to heal the wound. To treat diarrhea using wood with sappanwood provides 5 grams of wood dried cut sappanwood is then boiled with water for as much as two glasses or less for 15 minutes. Strain the water decoction of the caesalpinia sappan wood then immediately drank until exhausted. Several studies have also found benefits in treating various types of caesalpinia sappan wood chronic diseases such as TUBERCULOSIS, vomiting blood, tetanus, syphilis, malaria and dysentery. Caesalpinia sappan wood can also be used as a food coloring like stam.

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