Know The Benefits Of Green Tea For Health

For some people drinking tea might have been a list of drinks that are often drunk every day. Besides the tea can also be made in the form of drinks hot or cold beverages with ease. Usually tea as well as a friend in the morning or the evening when you are out of the House. Green tea is a type of tea that also could be a refreshing drink. But did you know it turns out green tea like You that consumption has many benefits? Benefits of green tea is good for the health of your body. His body is certainly supported by his entire body from top to bottom. Well, green tea is also capable of providing comprehensive health in your body.

Green tea can also provide healthy skin and face or in other words the benefits of green tea can also for beauty. The benefits i.e.

• Can eliminate acne on oily face. Oily face is indeed one of the causes of the large number of pimples that appear on the face. You can use green tea as a facial mask by mixing the egg before. In addition to eliminating acne, can also eliminate sleepiness eyes for you who often stayed up late. That's some of the benefits of green tea for beauty.

• Prevent the existence of interference with your heart. The performance of this Green tea is reducing the level of cholesterol in the body and also makes the blood vessels to withstand high blood pressure.

• In addition to preventing the obstruction of the heart, green tea is also capable of preventing you from developing diabetes. Green tea is able to regulate blood sugar levels by preventing the rise in sugar levels that exist in your blood so that you can avoid the disease diabetes.

• Green tea benefits further, it turns out that green tea can also reduce the risk of your body affected by cancer. Cancer becomes a disease that always terrible because in addition to the expensive costs that must be removed are usually not cancer is treatable within the short term. There are antioxidants in green tea more than existing antioxidant vitamin c. fruits in Which the antioxidant is able to destroy cancer cells without damaging other cells of the body.

• For women who were undergoing diet program, you could try a diet with green tea. Due to the reduced weight also is one of the benefits of green tea. Green tea is able to increase the metabolism in the body which will help burn body fat more per day. So, you want to diet could try regularly drink green tea every day.

• Eliminate bad breath is not a joy not only to do with toothpaste, using green tea also can eliminate the odor is not a joy you have in your mouth. With gargling green tea every morning you can eliminate the odor is not delicious in your mouth.

• For the skin, green tea is also quite important. Green tea is able to keep the moisture of the skin and also protects the skin from exposure to direct sunlight. You can use green tea as a body scrub or mask the skin on Your hands and feet so that the benefits of green tea may work evenly on your skin.

• For women of advanced age and fear of wrinkling of the skin that will arise, you can use green tea as a powerful anti-aging. Start reduce chemicals as anti-aging you because there are natural ingredients that are safer to use.

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