Rosella Flowers For Health Benefits

Rosella flower benefit already very known worldwide. The efficacy of various flowers rosella makes many people hunted it. There is mention of flowers rosella comes from West Africa, there is also a saying originating from India. Rosella flower regardless indeed ought to be taken into account as one of the herbal ingredients with a variety of benefits.

A variety of benefits to human health of rosella flowers such as treating mouth ulcers, gout, diabetes mellitus, sexual arousal-lift and even was able to prevent the growth of cancer cells, etc. Various studies have been done to test the efficacy of flowers rosella scientifically. Its results include:

Research of IR. Didah Nur Faridah, M.Si from the Department of Food Science and Technology Institute Bogor Farmers yield the conclusion that the content of antioxidant compounds on flower petals rosella is able to provide significant protection against various diseases because of the degenerative aging process such as cancer, diabetes, coronary artery disease, and cataracts. The research of De-Xing Hou from the Faculty of Agriculture, Kagoshima University Japan produce a conclusion that the content of anthocyanin on flower rosella is capable of treating diseases of the blood cancer or leukemia. The research of Sayago-SG Ayerdi from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain found that flowers rosella contain fiber which is able to lose fat. However to note for people with ulcers due to acidity levels high enough rosella can trigger a recurrence of ulcers.

Various studies conducted to explore the benefits of rosella flowers to human health. Studies last for just a few examples of the many studies on flower rosella conducted in various parts of the world. By knowing a huge benefit on interest rosella, then made various preparations of rosella flowers such as:

• Drinks
The drink is the simplest preparations that can be made from the flowers of rosella. One of the most common are tea. Rosella flowers dried and dried until it becomes a powder. Then cook the powder with water until boiling and the water changed color to reddish. Tea-making rosella has been known in various countries of the world such as the Sahel (Africa), Italy, Thailand, etc.

Rosella flower petals in there is fiber that can be used to make jam or jelly. In addition to being lighter consumption, processing into jam rosella can also provide other options so as not to get bored.

• Vegetable
Utilizing rosella as one of vegetables for consumption is a selection of the most convenient and appropriate. Because when cooking was usually there are substances which dissolve and disappear so that consumption as fresh vegetables is a better choice.

• Medicinal Extracts
For those of you who don't want to bother in the processing or consuming rosella, then drug extract rosella can be the choice because simply by swallowing a pill or medicine rosella, you will get the same benefits from the flowers of rosella.

Rosella did indeed have a great many benefits. From flowers, seeds, and even the leaves have any benefits for human health. But that does not mean that in order to live a healthy life with just enough to rely on the benefits to the health of rosella flowers. It also needs to be balanced with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and enough rest. With the intake of nutrition and nutrients from a variety of sources of healthy food, and then offset by the pattern of life and a healthy lifestyle, you will get the body healthy and strong as you always wanted-idam.

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