Stale Tea Benefits For Beauty

Stale tea benefits for beauty is certainly not a novelty anymore given quite a lot of women who also take advantage of tea stale for beauty. Therefore although it is an already stale tea bad for drunk again you better don't directly get rid of it because you can use it to perform various treatments especially for the beauty of the skin and hair as well. For you women who happened to fix the problem on the skin and her hair then could try doing treatment using stale tea because aside from cheap, treatment using stale tea is also quite effective and safe.

One of the benefits of a fairly well known from stale tea that is to address the problem of hair loss. The use of a blow dryer, hair dye and sunlight into the main factors of hair loss problem. If you've done a wide range of treatments including change shampoos but nothing changes then you can solve it by using stale tea. After shampooing be sure to rinse your hair using stale tea. The points that you should consider is make sure water does not stale tea you campir with sugar because it makes the hair becomes noticeably sticky.

Stale next tea benefits is to resolve disorders dandruff. Stale tea is indeed very useful to address hair loss and dandruff as well. So before you shampoo your hair beforehand flush with stale tea while doing massage. Then let sit for a few moments you just use shampoo shampooing as normal. For maximum results do this way every day.

If you have a stubborn acne problem and difficult for you to hide then try to use stale tea. Here's how by attaching phonecards which have been soaked and silenced overnight in warm water on a section of your acne. Let sit a while and lift and rinse your face with warm water. Do these treatments three times a week in order for the acne on your face quickly lost.

The habit of staying out or lingered in front of the computer all night makes you have a very interfere with panda appearance. Indeed to remove panda is quite difficult. For those of you who have a panda or the SAC of the eye can also be removed by using stale tea. How to remove panda eyes with this stale tea is very easy. You can just dip your face into a container which is pus casserole tea and try to let your eyes stay open. The hose a few moments then the eye pouches will be lost.

Tea is stale as well you can use to brighten your face skin because many tea contains vitamin E which is great for maintaining healthy skin. Although the tea was stale but you can use the tea dregs are already silenced during overnight to pass them over on the part of your face. This stale tea dregs very fruitful experience to brighten the skin of the face while keeping skin elasticity of the face so that your face looks more bright and toned. Other benefits i.e. to clean the skin, lifting the dead skin cells and removes black flecks.

Indeed stale tea benefits the most widely known and that is to increase the size of the vital tools of men. But who would have thought the stale tea also has benefits for beauty. So don't waste your stale tea water granted from now because you can use it to perform beauty treatments.

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