The Benefits Of Garlic For A Healthy Body

The benefits of garlic for health of course already well known by many people. Indeed the garlic is known to have many health benefits to the body so that an awful lot of treatment-treatment with the traditional way of using garlic as one of the materials used in the manufacture of herbal concoctions.

Garlic that has the latin name "Allium sativum" is also useful as one of the ingredients that are quite popular in the Asian region. In addition to providing a distinctive scent on the cuisine, the use of garlic in cooking can also lower cholesterol levels contained in food containing fat. Therefore it's no wonder the cuisine-Chinese cuisine, Korea including Indonesia often use garlic as one of the signature seasoning.

The use of garlic as a condiment in the way usually kitchen destroy by means of pressed with the side of a knife. After the break, the chopped garlic until smooth and then stir fried with a little oil can be fried or boiled as flavorings and fragrances scents for the broth. Use garlic in cooking is highly recommended because in addition to making the aroma and flavor of the dishes more delicious also makes your body become healthier.

The benefits of garlic as a remedy has been used for thousands of years ago, even in China itself has been written about the benefits of garlic for treatment since 3000 years BC in China alone in addition to the use of garlic as a remedy is also found in the writings of ancient Egypt who has been noting that garlic can also make the body the workers who built the pyramids remain healthy and strong.

Just for your information the recommended garlic is used for healing is a creature of white garlic, fresh and do not have the mark will grow buds. The garlic is usually consumed in the form of raw. In addition a good garlic garlic that is if they are not soft, won't be matter a lot, do not germinate green and no black stain or damage.

The benefits of garlic are very well known by the public at large and that is to keep the body's metabolism and removing the toxins in the body. But who would have thought the garlic also has many other benefits that are very important to the body. Garlic can also treat colds, treating rheumatic and relieve insomnia. Maybe there are still many who do not yet know if garlic can relieve insomnia and flu. Additionally it is said that garlic can also increase the stamina of men while on a bed. So for those of you who want to increase the energy in a bed does not need to consume drugs is strong again and could consume garlic that is safe and without side effects.

The benefits of garlic and other important enough to maintain cardiovascular health. Content of sulfides in garlic can lower the bad cholesterol that causes problems in the heart. Garlic is also very well be consumed by diabetics because by consuming garlic then can increase the levels of insulin in the blood. Garlic can also be used to treat acne. Treating acne with garlic the way quite easily by mashing the garlic until smooth and then apply it on the pimples and let stand approximately for 10 minutes then rinse until clean. To maintain the health of the skin can also be done by consuming garlic regularly.

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