The Benefits Of Milk For The Body's Health

The benefits of milk is indeed very important to the health of the body even the importance of milk is also shown from the four healthy five perfect indicating that milk is a complement of other healthy menu. Drinking milk is not only required by infants and young children alone even in the age of teenagers to the elderly is also recommended to drink milk to preserve the health of their bodies at the same time meet the needs of calcium. Although known as a high source of calcium but the important content of milk not just calcium.

In the milk also has a fairly complete nutritional content such as phosphorus, zinc, amino acid, Pantothenic acid, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12. Contents of these nutrients is needed by the body especially at the age of toddlers to teens where the body needs lots of nutrients so that the development of his body are not disturbed. Highly recommended for babies to drink BREAST MILK (breast milk) than infant formula. So for the mother should be aware of the importance of BREAST MILK for those especially mothers who provide exclusive BREAST MILK faster down post-birth weight so that it can serve as a means of a healthy diet.

In general the milk comes from animal (cattle, goats, horses) and vegetable (soy milk, milk corn). Most outstanding milk is milk that has been processed with modern technology to keep clean. Milk that is circulating in the market today quite a lot and have a few terms like full cream milk and low fat. Those terms also means you need to know.

The term full cream milk means that contain 4% fat and generally contain lots of vitamin D and a. Milk low fat or low fat milk the fat content of the milk that is only half of full cream milk. UHT milk or an abbreviation of Ultra-High Temperature-Treated is milk that has been heated in a high temperature (140 ᵒ C) then put in airtight paperboard. The hallmarks of this milk can be kept in quite a long time. The benefits of milk that have been processed have some differences such as low fat milk is more specialized for the diet because fat deposits are smaller but still contain other nutrients your body needs.

Which is pretty unfortunate is still the lack of public awareness of the importance of us drank milk when the benefits of drinking milk very much. One of the reasons the classic that is the price of milk is quite expensive. But quite a lot of milk is also sold at an affordable price. Even for the price of soy milk or corn a lot cheaper in price ranges from five thousands. But given the importance of milk to preserve the health of the body then it should be implanted consciousness that consuming milk is very important and not get hung up on the issue price.

The most common milk benefits i.e. preventing osteoporosis and keep bones healthy and strong. For children and teens, milk is beneficial for bone growth and add height. Milk is also beneficial to lower blood pressure, prevent tooth decay, keeping oral health and prevent type 2 diabetes. the benefits of milk more i.e. prevent the occurrence of bowel cancer and cancer of the colon, neutralizing poisons like lead or metal that goes into the body through food, can beautify the skin and help so that the beds more quickly because milk contains the hormone melatonin which makes body sleepy.

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