The benefits of petroleum and its negative Impacts

The benefits of petroleum is very much for human life. The remains of this ancient miniscule role remains so large in various aspects of our activities. But did you know that besides as an energy source that drives the various types of machinery, petroleum has other benefits that are not less important in our lives? What are its benefits? Another benefit of petroleum are as follows:

• Lipstick Ingredients
The fact that is quite shocking that the cosmetics that are very familiar and widely used by women around the world turned out can now be made from petroleum. Petroleum derived products, Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline is used as the basis of lipstick and can even be used as an eyeliner.

• Solar panels
Use and maximize solar power is a human dream since first because solar power is easily obtained and of course free. By using resin and plastic (photovoltaic cells) which is derived from petroleum products, solar panels can be used.

• Polyester
Generally the clothes using cotton or silk worms make. But polyester which is a petroleum derivative products it became one of the favorite because of his strong and not easily tangle. Since resilience, polyester is commonly used as an ingredient to make the jacket and other protective shirts.

• The gum
The LaTeX of rubber material often used to make chewing gum because of its nature which could be parsed. But the company's high-quality gum polymer using oil as an ingredient. Normally chewing gum that are produced will be stronger when it formed bubbles or blown.

• the Crayons
Have you ever hold a crayon? How does it feel? Actually it felt like holding a candle because crayons are indeed made from paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is a wax which solidified that comes from petroleum. In addition to being crayons, paraffin wax is also used as lighting candles as often you see in the event a test of guts.

• Pantyhost
Pantyhose nylon used by women around the world with reason's model and comfort when used. Petroleum-derived nylon that has been chemically processed. Petroleum itself is a derivative of petroleum.

• Aspirin
Aspirin is a drug cure for headaches. Aspirin has been used a lot of people for several decades due to improved an already proven. The main ingredient in aspirin is the hydrocarbons derived from petroleum (benzene).

An awful lot of oil benefits both it's common or not yet known many who know. Perhaps even the future will emerge new benefits from petroleum which may be used of humans. But like a proverbial, with a large force will emerge a big responsibility anyway. In addition to the many benefits of petroleum, also had a negative influence should be accountable, especially in environmental sustainability.

Negative influence of petroleum in General, there are three major things that is the pollution of air, water, and soil. Air pollution occurs due to petroleum combustion residual smoke that spread in the air that its impact could even trigger global warming. Water pollution occurs due to petroleum drilling is usually done in the sea which allows the existence of oil leak which resulted in the contamination of sea water. Contaminated water then evaporates and becomes rain, rain is known as acid rain which effect can eliminate the soil fertility. Therefore, note also the negative impact of oil that we are not to damage the environment just because it wants to take the benefits of petroleum.

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