The benefits of Vitamin A and effect When Vitamin A deficiency

The benefits of Vitamin A is the most widely known is related to eye health. Vitamin A is indeed a major component in the formation of the network vision. For those of you who have a problem with the sight of your eyes, it could be that your body is deficient in Vitamin a. Diligently consumes foods rich in Vitamin A such as fish, milk, vegetables and fruits are yellow colored red like carrots, tomatoes, bananas, and papaya.

Most people only know the Vitamin A is only good for eye health. But is it indeed just nice Vitamin A for healthy eyes only? Is there no other benefits in Vitamin A for humans? The answer is of course a lot. The following are the benefits of vitamin A for the human body:

• Ward off free radicals

Other forms of Vitamin A is Beta Carotene. Beta carotene had the content of antioxidants that is able to ward off free radicals good that comes from within and outside the human body.

• Improve your immune

Antioxidants are able to form endurance body which can protect the body from viruses, bacteria, and fungus that gets into the body. Insufficient Vitamin A needs can boost the body's immune or immune system in the human body.

• Prevent Cancer

Vitamin A can prevent the growth of cancer cells that harm the human body. The growth of DNA in cancer cells can be combated and suppressed by Vitamin a.

• Heal wounds and accelerate Growth

New tissue growth on the skin can run faster when the body have enough Vitamin A intake. So when you are injured, the process of the formation of new tissue in wound healing is faster when you regularly consume a meal with high Vitamin A content.

It turns out that in addition to his role in maintaining eye health, Vitamin A has many benefits to the human body. Then what happens if the body Vitamin A deficiency? The following are the consequences arising if the body Vitamin A deficiency:

• The eye Acuity Decreased

If you experience vision problems such as nearsightedness is far, or have low vision, or even your dry eyes, your body will surely lack of intake of Vitamin a. to resolve it avidly consume foods that contain Vitamin A in order to need Vitamin A to your body can be fulfilled.

• Disorders of the Intestinal Tract and Excretion

Vitamin A is very instrumental in keeping the bowel health especially the intestinal wall to keep can work properly and optimally. If the body is deficient in Vitamin A, disturbed bowel health and nutrition will not be absorbed properly. As a result of the disease can occur in your eksresi channel.

• The health and beauty of the skin is disturbed

The production of mucus on the skin will be interrupted when the body of vitamin A deficiency. Consequently the mucus production would be replaced by epithelial cells that is dry and scaly. With skin that is dry and scaly, skin health and beauty will be uninterrupted even at severe levels can lead to skin cancer.

vitamin A deficiency can lead to various diseases which is certainly not very you expect happens to you or those closest to you. Therefore diligently consumes foods that contain a lot of Vitamin A in order to need to taste Vitamin A body would be sure. However to note is never too excessive due to excess Vitamin A can also cause illnesses that result in damage to the liver and bones.

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